Mountain Biking

Best you check with the locals re trail status before you saddle up to ride here … In short, let’s just say that the Jonkershoek MTB Trail is based around a 10km gravel road loop traversing the valley floor in an anti-clockwise direction. It is a good idea to stick to this flow because of the dangerous combo of speed and blind corners on some sections.

From the gate, follow the gravel road for 400m until you see a building on your left hand side, turn left toward this and almost immediately you will see the Lower Canary trail on the right. This is the start of your climb, but fortunately it is a rather fun ascent starting on smooth single-track before passing through a few rock garden sections.

Pedal higher and higher, crossing two jeep-tracks on the way; the third jeep-track signals the top. Turn right here and continue on the gravel road, fork right at 7.5km and continue around. Hang a left at 8.3km and ride till you can go no further, and turn around. After 400m, take the fork to the right and keep straight. Keep right at the junction you will find at 11km and continue the gentle ascent along the contour path.

At 17.5km, turn left onto the main jeep-track and continue until almost exactly 20km, where you’ll find yourself back at the top of the Canary trails. You don’t need us to tell you what to do from here, let alone what to expect. So, deep breaths, eyes open, attack!! See you back at the start.